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Our AI-enabled solutions augment decision-making with the potential of explainable AI to deliver tangible and sustainable underlying value.

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Artificial intelligence makes our world more sustainable

In 2020 we decided to actively participate in the transformation we are leaving. We combine over 50 years of experience in the AI and B2B software industry globally. Our team is a perfect mix of data science, strategy, finance and management skills.



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Predictive Maintenance for rotating machines

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Energy Production and Consumption Optimization

Battery Lifecycle Optimization

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Application Fields

Smart Factory

By smart factory we mean a plant in which processes have been automated to the point of being carried out completely autonomously with the help of robotic technologies and software systems. The main goal is to achieve efficiency in manufacturing to the extent that it can adapt to demand and respond more quickly to supply chain needs. In addition, the continuous monitoring enabled by sensors and control software anticipates and ultimately avoids any disruption due to technical problems.


Smart Retail

It is increasingly evident that retailers need to streamline processes to get more value from their data. AI technologies play a fundamental role in this sense, identifying customer behaviors. Customers can be aggregated into groups and subsequently studied, in order to identify abandonment and retention rates, which allows the retailer to more efficiently customize its offer. AI can also help improve the management of buildings and machinery.

Smart Energy

Energy production and distribution chains are facing significant changes that need to be managed.
Zero carbon policies are promoting the spread of renewable energy sources, which are mostly not programmable. On the other hand, energy demand is expected to increase to support more sustainable consumption, both in large consumer markets (for example, electric vehicles) and in industrial ones (for example, plants that are difficult to demolish).


Smart City

A Smart City is a place where traditional networks and services are made more efficient thanks to the use of digital solutions for the benefit of its inhabitants and businesses, as understood by the European Union. Within a smart city, technologies are implemented not only for an efficient use of resources (from energy to water to the air), but also to offer better and smarter services to its citizens, paying attention to the quality of life for become more attractive.

Business Cases and Research Insights

Here you will find news and insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence written by our experts, who will share their knowledge and experience in the field of AI. Follow us to stay up to date on the latest news and discoveries in this ever-evolving field.


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Intellico is a leading Explainable AI player, revolutionizing Human-Centered decision-making. We believe AI “done right” is AI with humans in the driving seat. We target medium to large businesses in the Smart Factory, Smart Retail, Smart Energy, and Smart City verticals. We enable companies to truly understand their products and their clients and implement actionable insights with bottom-line impact. All our solutions are designed to provide explainable output to individuals and decision-makers. It is not only about trust, it is about understanding deeply how a machine generates a specific result.


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Intellico is a leading Explainable AI player, revolutionizing Human-Centered decision-making.