Explainable AI Engine: Grapho

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Predict It and Explain It

Are you interested in improving your decision-making process with Artificial Intelligence, but you don’t know how to deal with the “black box”? Would you like to better understand how AI generates output/results to realize how to use its suggestions in your business processes?

Grapho is a B2B AI-enabled platform based on Explainable AI techniques (based on Graph Neural Network) able to support the decision-making process where the complexity of variables is high, and a causality analysis makes the difference.

To this aim, Intellico developed Grapho, a solution that enables highly advanced analysis and explorations thanks to Explainable AI techniques. Grapho applies Graph Neural Network, an emerging technique in Deep Learning based on the use of graphs to automatically solve and visualize in an intuitive manner the results of a model and understand which factors determined the prediction, even when the number of determinants is relevant.

Graphs help in visualizing the patterns identified by the models among clients in a retail context, patients in healthcare as well as components of a production chain or in an energy grid. Grapho makes the difference as far as the relations are not drawn following an “a priori” rule. Grapho predicts also the relation and their intensity, unveiling hidden patterns to the user.

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