Optimization in R&D

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AI to accelerate the time-to-market

Within the process industry, the ability to optimize the time needed for research and development has become crucial, especially for companies operating in highly dynamic markets.

In a chemical context, for example, the creation of a new polymer in a timely manner is increasingly becoming a competitive differential. In this context, the number of variables such as components and their characteristics, such as density, elasticity and operational temperature is very high.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms allows companies to carry out research and development activities that otherwise would not be possible, with much more reliable results as they can consider a multitude of variables much wider than the human researcher and thus significantly reduce go-to-market and R&D efforts in tests.

AI enables companies to process a wide variety of data sources, in order to test different scenarios while developing new product features, all whilst shaping their products in line with the customer requirements. Intellico assist companies in the preparation and analysis of the data necessary to carry out these research activities.

The generation of new products extracts sustainable value with by using data already present in the company. These actions do not affect the company’s daily operations, while improve it anticipating future challenges that the market reserves.

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