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Computer vision applied to Computer-Aided Design

Manufacturing companies usually waste an average of 15% of their designers’ time on non-value-added data management tasks : one of these are repetitive projects. Architects, mechanical engineers, designers, and technicians use CAD software to build the 3D model of artifacts. However, many projects are similar to those made previously. As a first step, CAD software looks for a similar design within the catalog of old designs. Unfortunately, this search turns out to be ineffective in many cases. The computer vision, a branch of AI, can help your company in this profile identification process. It can boost the automatic search of a similar CAD profile by considering more precise criteria such as profile geometries thanks to image classification and recognition. It is also possible to automatically categorize every profile into a specific family for intelligent storage in the database. Moreover, AI can provide real-time suggestions during project development considering different kind of constraints like the differentiation of individual customer specifications.

Computer Vision/AI applied to Computer-Aided Manufacturing

During the CAM phase, AI can help streamline the processes behind artefact construction, by optimizing the relevant instructions provided during the Cad design process. AI can sit on top of existing legacy algorithms and enhance their current capabilities to better serve the companies needs moving forward.

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