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Better manage buildings

Smart Buildings generate a large volume of valuable data with regards to how they are being utilized, for example with HVAC systems. Analyzing this data successfully brings several advantages:


  • Optimizing the usage of HVAC systems: thanks to IoT sensors, air conditioning systems can be automatically turned off and reactivated beforehand based on the presence of individuals, while improving the comfort level for visitors. The application of AI techniques and personalized comfort models has enabled energy savings of around 30%, and a 20% uptick in comfort improvements overall.

  • Enabling better predictive maintenance of the asset involved in HVAC, by monitoring all over time energy indicators to predict whether energy consumption may be impaired by bad operating conditions or improved by additional interventions. 

Intellico is able to efficiently combine expertise on digital and AI solutions with specific vertical knowledge on building and facility management so that the resulting AI models can be jointly analyzed to provide appropriate guidelines for action.

AI models in the Retail Industry

The achievement of strategic targets in a retail company depends more and more on the capability to harness the power of data in order to orchestrate the retail value chain.

From the production plants to the customer care services the digitization is gathering an astonishing amount of data that only AI can analyze with a systematic and integrated approach.

Nonetheless, country and industry specificity as well as the business model of the single company require to adapt models to the need of the clients.

Evolve the retail value chain with AI

Intellico solutions can address different steps in the retail value chain with a personalized approach:

    • Production: they improve the rationalization of costs and time-to-market by enabling AI-based R&D processes, demand forecast analysis for optimizing the scheduling as well as controlling the efficiency of the plant (energy management, predictive maintenance and quality control).
    • Logistics: they support better fleet management and delivery optimizations, considering the specific demand for SKU, stock management and other external variables.

    • Marketing: they provide tools to understand the behavior of the customers in order to attract/retain them by predicting churn rates and “lifetime value” or identifying the appropriate pricing or scraping trends in habits.
    • Sales: they help in enhancing the customer experience both in store and online and analyze up-selling/cross-selling possibilities and other recommendations.


Moreover, Intellico combines the AI model with an autogenerative-graph representation (Grapho Solution) to make the results of the models intelligible from the point of view of the business decision-maker who can look at results in a intuitive way and overcome “black-box” limits in the use of AI.

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