AI-enabled software for
smart factories, cities, and buildings
providing sustainable value
through data.

Our AI Solutions deliver tangible bottom-line value and a more sustainable footprint
to the industrial, real estate and infrastructural world.

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Why choose Intellico

Intellico is a provider of software and services to business enterprises that want to rethink their way of managing their assets by introducing AI as the new normal. We bridge the gap between data science, technical excellence and corporate thirst to provide insight from their data.

Our international team gained more than 10 years experience in the AI sector all over the world.


We believe in an ethical approach to AI where humans and machines interact to improve each other.

Best in class AI solutions

We bring a selection of the best AI-powered solutions for the industrial, real estate, and infrastructural world.

Zero waste and bottom-line value

Our solutions are oriented to minimize wasted resources and to maximize bottom-line value.

About Us

AI makes our world more sustainable

We believe that AI has the power to make our world more sustainable.
Intelligent algorithms allow enterprises to break down old paradigms and do more with less by saving precious resources, increasing process productivity and extending the useful life of assets.

Focused on your business

End-to-end AI solutions for enterprises

Intellico has a portfolio of AI Solutions that provide tangible benefits that result in sustainability and drive bottom-line value.
We can deliver bespoke customized solutions and ready-to-use products.


Our offering provides corporations with a detailed assessment to enable a tailor-made AI Journey.

AI journey

We originate and prioritize the use cases that will generate the highest amount of value for the Client as well as design a roadmap for implementation.

Minimum Vialable Product (MVP)

We build an MVP of the prioritized Use Cases.

Deployment at an enterprise level

We deploy the solution at an Enterprise level.


Predictive maintenance

Don’t be unprepared. Cut costs by improving companies’ intelligence on machinery.

  • Technology in a nutshell: Machine Learning algorithms can interpret sensor’s data to predict machine failures.
  • Typical sector focus: Manufacturing, Energy, Telecommunication.
  • Typical benefits achieved:
    – up to 40% in cost reduction.
    – 50% reduction in unplanned machine downtime.

Energy consumption optimization

Be smart and cut costs by making your energy system intelligent.

  • Technology in a nutshell: identification of energy drivers to develop a Machine Learning algorithm that can self-manage your energy system.
  • Typical sector focus: Energy, Retail, Manufacturing.
  • Typical benefits achieved:
    – up to 5% energy costs reduction.
    – up to 11% reduction in energy consumption for each product line.

Learning from customer interaction

Exploit your customers’ knowledge to drive sales up and shrink costs. Automate your customer service to identify pain points and gather customers insights.

  • Technology in a nutshell: intelligent chatbot that exploit NLP algorithm for intent monitoring.
  • Typical sector focus: sector-agnostic.
  • Typical benefits achieved:
    – up to 25% of customer services conversations automated.
    – up to 50% costs reduction on Bot’s algorithm updates.
Assess the AI readiness level of your company

Our observatory & the AI readiness assessment

• 40+ years of experience from national and international researchers & data science experts.
• 1 survey to assess the AI readiness level.
• 10 mins to fill out the survey.
• 1 White paper to share with you our vision about the AI role for corporate business strategy.
• 1 report to collect the assessment’s result of your company’s AI readiness level.

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