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It's the age of implementation for AI, and this means we are taking part to a new industrial revolution that will truly end up changing the fabric of our daily leaves. The age of implementation means we already can access real-world AI applications after decades of promising research.

Intellico is the provider of software and services to business enterprises that want to rethink their way of managing their assets by introducing AI as the new normal. We bridge the gap between data science, technical excellence and corporate thirst to provide insight from their data.

We build customized solutions, or we can offer ready-to-use applications by partnering with SaaS software companies. A continuous screening of the market is submitted in order to:

But we know very well that the AI alone doesn’t make any value. We have passed through difficult steps in our projects and in our whole experience: where data are? how to extract it? Are data good in quality and quantity?... those are few of the questions you need to get in during your AI journey.

Its not going to be simple. In order to unlock the most value you first need to assess the relevance of AI to your wider business model and strategic initiatives. Whatever stage you are at in your journey, as an entrepreneur or manager, we are here to help you in turning algorithms into sustainable business. Whatever stage you are at in your journey, we are here to help you. Our team has more than 10 years’ experience within the AI sector globally.

Human-centric: we believe in an ethical approach to AI where humans and machines interact to improve each other.

Best in class AI solutions: we bring a selection of the best AI-powered solutions for a multitude of industries.

Zero waste and bottom-line value: our solutions are oriented to minimize waste and maximize bottom-line value.

About us

We combine 50+ years of experience in AI and B2B software sector globally. Our team is a perfect mix of skills in data science, strategy, finance and management.


Turning data into sustainable value.
Intellico aims to be the European leading provider of AI-powered solutions for smart factories, buildings, and cities which will enable sustainability for the businesses of tomorrow.


Human-centric: we believe in an ethical approach to AI where humans and machines interact to improve each other. People and their talent are at the centre of our action.

Sustainability driven: we don’t like waste. Each solution we suggest is oriented to maximize the use of resources and minimize waste.

Agile: we believe that only by applying an agile approach to the innovation process is it then possible to reach great
results: experimentation, testing&learning and co-designing lead our approach.


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