Power prediction for renewables plant

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Power prediction for solar panels

Solar power generation is weather-dependent, therefore the forecast is complex. Intellico deliver AI solutions for predicting solar power generation based on forecasting conditions, especially on sky sheltering, or on the position of the PV plant is crucial to understand the actual production to deliver to the grid and to balance the load of the distribution network.The role of AI is central to speed up the adoption of new technological solutions.

Power prediction for wind turbines

Wind power generation depends on high and intermittent fluctuation in the wind itself. Nevertheless, based on forecasting the wind strength and direction and other external parameters, the challenges of balancing supply and demand in the smart grid can be mitigated by predicting expected power production. Intellico implements AI techniques that help to develop efficient data-driven models to accurately forecast solar and wind power generation. Moreover, while using an AI-powered solution, the company benefits via a reduction of the curtailment of power excess generation, an increased dispatching efficiency and of mitigation of the challenges of balancing supply and demand

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