Predictive Maintenance for Renewables Energy Plants

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Predictive maintenance for solar panels

Different events can cause the actual performance to deviate from the expected performance. If failures and/or unanticipated degradation issues go undetected, they will lead to reduced energy generation and/or potential loss of component warranty because of manufacturer turnover. This could cause revenue loss as energy production depends on the weather (like cloudy shelter) which is uncontrollable. Intellico uses AI to provide effective solutions in monitoring production parameters to detect malfunctioning in components like inverters or operation conditions like soiling earlier in the process.

Predictive maintenance for wind turbines

The opportunity to have a solution able to intercept abnormal changes in the wind turbine behaviour is crucial nowadays, given the broad fluctuations in wind conditions. On the other hand, wind turbines are characterized by several components that highly impact energy production, from rotating components to the blades, and the gear box. Intellico uses AI to provide effective solutions in anticipating failures, avoiding production downtimes and emergencies, and simultaneously avoiding rigid preventive maintenance that provides a series of complications related to the asset structure.

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