Energy and Maintenance Optimization: Artificial Intelligence Drives Transformation in the Food Sector


The Business Context

The subject company, specializing in deli meats, has chosen to enhance their energy management and maintenance processes for better sustainability . This article outlines our collaborative journey with doDigital srl, a company part of the Intellico Group specialized in Corporate Governance and Information Systems.

We will focus attention on:

  • The energy optimization project and ISO50001 certification
  • Initiatives for improving maintenance processes and spare parts management
  • The significance of data management strategies for enabling AI applications

Energy Efficiency in the First Place

In this context, we are currently supporting the company in its journey towards ISO 50001 certification. This globally recognized standard sets requirements for energy management systems and provides a strategic framework that helps organizations manage and improve their energy performance. Within this project, we have implemented an advanced energy monitoring platform, enabling the company to monitor and analyse their energy consumption in real-time. This system allows for the identification of areas of energy waste and inefficiencies, while also providing valuable insights for optimization strategies.

Simultaneously, we have supported the company in its energy optimization decisions, using data and insights gathered from the monitoring platform to guide specific interventions and corrective measures. This integrated approach has not only improved energy efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact but has also favourably positioned the company for ISO 50001 certification. Achieving this certification will further strengthen the company’s reputation as a responsible leader committed to environmental respect, marking an important milestone in its journey towards energy optimization.

This worksite involves achieving proper data lifecycle management and the use of Machine Learning models as a precursor signal of future malfunctions or failures.In fact, the business in which the company operates makes extensive use of energy-consuming machines, systems, and equipment, so it is crucial to reduce energy consumption, identify trends to anticipate peaks, and provide recommendations for improving efficiency.

Toward Proactive Maintenance

On the second front, we have successfully implemented an advanced asset management platform within the company, aimed at optimizing the maintenance process and managing spare parts. This fully operational platform allows for real-time monitoring of asset conditions, enabling efficient scheduling of maintenance activities. This has led to a significant reduction in downtime and an improvement in overall productivity. The platform has also transformed spare parts management, ensured the availability of necessary parts when needed, thus minimizing delays and maintenance costs.

In addition to these immediate benefits, the analysis of data collected from the platform enables the implementation of AI applications for predictive maintenance. This proactive approach allows the company to anticipate and prevent potential problems before they cause disruptions, further improving operational resilience and efficiency. The implementation of this asset management platform represents a significant step forward in the company’s journey towards more efficient and proactive asset management.

Data Strategy and Process Digitization For Enabling Artificial Intelligence.

On the digital transformation aspect, doDigital has developed a strategy for data management and the digitization of processes, with the aim of enabling the application of artificial intelligence. This is a pivotal step in the era of big data, where the capability to collect, manage, and analyse data can be a significant differentiator in competition.

Efforts were focused on digitizing business processes, a crucial factor to ensure increased efficiency, flexibility, and shorter response times. This foundational work has established an environment conducive to the implementation of AI technologies. With these foundations in place, the company is now poised to utilize machine learning algorithms for automating complex processes, making more accurate decisions, and improving operational efficiency.


The company’s digital and sustainable transformation is yielding tangible results in both energy management and maintenance. The implementation of advanced platforms and data management strategies has led to significant improvements in efficiency, energy savings, and productivity.

The process digitization and readiness for AI applications position the company to further harness machine learning’s potential for enhancing operational efficiency. The journey towards innovation continues, with the collaboration between doDigital and Intellico playing a crucial role. This case study highlights the combined effectiveness of digitalization and AI in the food industry, and we look forward to introducing new developments and innovations in the near future.

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