Energy Production and Consumption Optimization

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B2C Energy Demand Optimization

Forecasting energy demand for appliances in a household is largely determined by preferences of users, which generally have different energy-consuming devices to use such as washing machines and dishwashers. As a result, the amount of data to be processed to achieve significant results in demand forecasting is extremely high. AI solutions provide insights to understand how to manage the demand of the end consumer by transfer the load from peak hours to off-peak hours, optimize energy production throughout the day according to the demand and calibrate it accordingly or address the end user with recommendations on better consumption behavior. As a result, Intellico AI solutions support utilities in defining their optimal approach in understanding and balancing the demand of the end user and subsequently the supply.

B2B Energy Consumption Optimization

B2B energy consumption optimization is the process of reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency for companies. One of the key aspects of B2B energy optimization is identifying the critical energy-consuming assets within the company’s operations. These assets vary widely by industry, but there are some that impact energy consumption most significantly across many sectors. These assets include pumps, cooling compressors, conveyors, and HVAC systems.
As an example, pumps require a significant amount of energy to operate and are often the largest electricity consumers in some facilities. Cooling compressors, on the other hand, are used to regulate temperature and humidity levels in many commercial and industrial settings and are also significant energy users in many sectors. By leveraging machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, AI can help businesses identify inefficiencies in their energy usage and develop smart strategies to optimize consumption

B2B Energy Production Optimization

The energy production optimization mainly concerns the energy produced with renewable plants such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric plants. Renewable sources are not constant over time, and is not manageable to store energy for long periods. For these reasons it is extremely important to optimize energy production, with the aim to align production and demand, without losing energy and consuming resources to produce it even when it’s not needed. AI algorithms can help in managing several sources of data, in order to be able to optimize energy production at a level not reachable without  Artificial Intelligence.

From the choice of supply to the monitoring of consumption – including non-productive ones – to the analysis of plant efficiency, there are several actions a company can take to limit the operating costs of the business and reduce waste. To do so, everything starts from a Smart Energy Assessment that Intellico provides to companies, helping to direct the client towards the most viable solution.

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