Improving the maintenance process

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The strategy of predictive maintenance

Energy saving is not anymore an economical matter. Current companies need to prove environmentally sustainable to face competition and cope in the long run in decarbonization. Using and producing energy in a conscious and efficient way means align resources with the expected plant demand and it is a path where data is progressively collected and analyzed to gain awareness on inefficiencies and remedies.
A Smart Energy Assessment is the initial step: the as-is condition has to be clearly mapped as it enables to schedule the future interventions. While studying the as-is situation, Intellico acts on three main pillars: an assessment of current energy management procedures, the identification of energy-intensive critical assets and the identification of mission critical use cases to address.

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Energy Consumption Optimization

For what concern the energy-consuming critical assets, those are specific by industry: the most impacting in general are pumps, cooling compressors, conveyors and HVAC systems. After a clear mapping of these three aspects, the process comes across the algorithm definition.

In this second phase, a data collection activity from existing sensors is performed. Once all the available data are collected, the PoC phase can start: an Energy AI model is developed, trained and then applied to the data. The proposed solutions, by integrating artificial intelligence, allow to obtain optimizations that are not reachable otherwis

Energy Production Optimization

The energy production optimization mainly concerns the energy produced with renewable plants such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric plants. Renewable sources are not constant during time, and is not also manageable to store energy for long periods.

For these reasons, in addition to optimize energy consumption, is extremely important to optimize energy production, with the aim to align production and demand, without lose energy and consume resources to produce it when is not needed. AI algorithms can help in managing several sources of data, in order to be able to optimize energy production at a level not reachable without Artificial Intelligence.

Energy transition

Every energy efficiency intervention is a step towards the environmental sustainability and a contribution to the energy transition: a clear and tangible added value for the company itself, while sustainability is today a hot topic highly considered by all the stakeholders. Some energy efficiency measures also meet regulatory requirements and, by verifying the correct installation and smooth operation of the systems, prevent unwanted downtime and increase safety in the company.

The monitoring of consumption

From the choice of supply to the monitoring of consumption - including non-productive ones - to the analysis of plant efficiency, there are several actions a company can take to limit the operating costs of the business and reduce waste. To do so, everything starts from a Smart Energy Assessment that Intellico provides to companies and direct the client towards the solution that best suits its job.

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